Various Types of Arrow Rests

Published: 22nd September 2009
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One of the most important pieces of equipment for any archer is an arrow rest. The rest will keep the arrow stable while you draw and release. You will have to choose between different styles. Here are a few of the most common types of arrow rests.


Drop-away rests are often referred to as fall-away rests. Whenever the arrow is shot, the rest simply drops away. Therefore, you won't have problems with fletching clearance. This type of rest is even suitable for use with helical fletchings. This type of rest uses prongs to cradle arrows. However, they are usually much better at keeping the arrow in position since they typically use large notches.

The disadvantage of using this type of arrow rest is that you probably won't be able to install it yourself. Installation and tuning can be quite tricky. This is why these rests should usually be installed and tuned by a pro.


One of the best designs to keep arrows in place is the containment arrow rest. Some designs completely enclose the arrow, while others have three contact points. These rests are typically easy to tune and install. Many different types of arrows are compatible with this type of rest.

Some designs can damage the fletchings. Some containment rests will wrinkle the vanes or make the edges of the feathers ragged over time. This is only a problem with rests that are designed to make contact with the fletching. If it doesn't make contact, you will need to make sure the nock and fletching are aligned correctly, or you'll have clearance problems. You should strongly consider using straight fletching with a containment arrow rest.


A shoot-through rest is one of the most common designs. With this design, the arrow is placed on top of two prongs that are slightly spaced apart. These prongs are spring-loaded and flex forward and done whenever you shoot. Some designs have prongs that also spring back into position. This allows you to get another shot off quickly.

The main benefits of this type of arrow rest are that they're quite cheap and easy to install. The average price is around $20.

However, you will mainly need to use straight vanes with this type of rest. Helical and offset fletchings may provide clearance problems. You should also know that the prongs don't contain the arrow. Therefore, they can easily fall off. The arrow can easily be knocked off by a strong wind or a drawstroke that's uneven.


There are also pressure rests. They're sometimes referred to as shoot-around rests. Only finger shooters use this type of arrow rest. This type of rest helps limit the amount of horizontal oscillation that finger shooters experience. The rest gets its name because it puts pressure on one side of the arrow to limit the horizontal oscillation. The amount of pressure exerted on the arrow can be adjusted so that you can tune your bow correctly.

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