Seven Common Household Items That are Poisonous to Dogs

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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There are many different items that can be found in virtually every household. Dog owners need to pay particular attention to some of these items since they can poison their pets. The following is a list of some of the most common.


Homeowners frequently make use of pesticides to keep a wide range of pests at bay. It's vital that you be careful when using them around your home. Dogs can be curious and a few licks of a trap can be very hazardous.


Other types of chemicals that you have around your home should also be kept away from your dog. Don't keep a bottle of bleach beneath the bathroom sink and let your dog go sniffing around unattended. You need to keep all types of chemical cleaners stored somewhere safe where your dog won't be able to access it.


One of the most hazardous household items to dogs is antifreeze. It only takes a small dose to cause irreversible damage to the kidneys. Larger doses can easily be fatal. It's important to note that not all types of antifreeze have the same amount of danger.

The chemical ethylene glycol is used in some types of antifreeze and is very deadly. If you own a dog, it's probably in your best interests to put antifreeze in your car that contains propylene glycol instead. This chemical is also dangerous, but your dog would need to ingest more of it to to experience more severe consequences.


Gardeners commonly make use of plant food or fertilizers to enhance the output of their hobby. Just make sure that you don't allow your dog to consume any of it. Be careful about the type of chemicals that you use on your lawn too. Don't let your dog go nosing around directly after you have applied any of these chemicals.


Speaking of gardening, dog owners need to note the different types of plants that are inside and outside their home. Some of them are very poisonous to dogs. Therefore, it would be a huge mistake to have them around since your dog won't know better than to eat them if he gets the notion. Mistletoe and azalea are two plant types that are very harmful.


Different types of medications are found in virtually every household too. It doesn't matter if it's a prescription medication or simple cold medicine. You shouldn't let your dog have access to any human medications. Pills aren't the only things that are toxic to dogs either. Creams and liquids can also be harmful.


Feeding your dog is probably the most important task that you'll have. Don't make the mistake of feeding him scraps from the table. It's common for dog owners to give their dog a bone when they're having chicken, turkey, or another meat. Although dogs love bones, they have the potential to do major damage. Your dog may chew on the bone causing it to shatter. If he swallows the shattered pieces, they may lead to an intestinal obstruction. Internal punctures are also possible too.

Other foods should never be given to dogs because they're poisonous. Two of the most poisonous include chocolate and onions. You should also avoid giving raisins, grapes, alcohol, and salt.

Every owner wants his or her dog to stay healthy. Instead of feeding store-bought food that isn't nutritious, consider feeding your pooch homemade dog food recipes. Your dog will certainly enjoy the variety of foods that you cook him or her.

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