Five Reasons Your Iguana May Be Aggressive

Published: 09th March 2009
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Living with an aggressive iguana can be a miserable experience. There are many reasons why your lizard may be overly aggressive towards you. This article will discuss some of the most common reasons.


Many new owners bring their new iguana home and find that their new exotic pet is very aggressive towards them. You shouldn't be surprised if this happens because this is normal behavior. Iguanas need time to get used to their new surroundings. If you provide him with plenty of food and water, he should start behaving himself after a week or two.


One of the most common reasons that your iguana is aggressive is because it's breeding season. Virtually all males start behaving like that at a certain time of the year. This even happens when your iguana is normally docile the rest of the year.


Another reason that your iguana may be aggressive is because he's stressed. This can occur for a number of reasons. Loud noises, other pets, and improper housing can all stress your iguana out. To help reduce this, you should provide him with a hiding box in his enclosure. This will provide the perfect place for him to relax whenever he gets stress.


One of the most important aspects of caring for iguanas is providing them with proper temperatures. They need two distinct areas in their enclosure that are warmer and cooler. This allows them to regulate their body temperature. If there is just one temperature in the enclosure, your iguana will probably start acting aggressively. Providing improper temperature settings will also lead to various health problems.


Iguanas may also become aggressive if you don't feed them properly. They need nutrition as well as foods that provide the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio. Failure to do so will prevent your iguana from digesting his food properly which leads to stress and aggression.

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